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Air Conditioning Energy and Money Saving Tips

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Ahh, the heat of summer! With higher temperatures often comes...higher energy bills, as we attempt to combat the heat outside with cool, air-conditioned interiors. To help you shave a few dollars off your energy bills all summer l... read more >>

Summer Craft and Project Ideas for Kids

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Avoid the dreaded “I’m bored” this summer by keeping your little one(s) occupied with a fun, summery craft or project.Not only will they have a blast creating something with their hands, but it will help keep the... read more >>

8 Home Improvement Projects You Can Tackle in a Weekend

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Summer is the perfect time to tackle a few of those projects you’ve been putting off for months! From tidying up your exterior to cleaning those neglected spaces, here are eight tasks you can tackle in just a few days this s... read more >>

8 Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Spring Décor

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Spring is finally here! From the warming weather to the blooming greenery, there is just so much to love about this season. It’s time to pack up your cozy winter décor and start refreshing your home for spring. But b... read more >>

Market Report Q4 2022

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In Q4 of any given year, we'd expect to see a slowdown and price drops in both the home sales and rental markets. For the home sale market, that was not the case. Notably, the home sales markets in Snohomish County finished on... read more >>

Installment Payments for Moving Costs

Keep in compliance with new WA state laws!  On June 11, 2020, WA state enacted a new law that allows new tenants to make installment payments for specific fees. They must request in writing, and landlords must allow the payme... read more >>

Raising Rents: What You Need To Know

👉 WA State law requires a 60-day notice before the end of a rental period 👉 A 60-day notice is also necessary for month-to-month renters 👉Rent control is illegal in WA State, meaning there's no limit to rent increases... read more >>

Tenant Disclosure Requirements

What paperwork are landlords in Washington required to give to their tenants? Our Managing Broker Angela gives us the details.   The requirements include: 👉Property Conditions Checklist 👉Mold Handout 👉... read more >>

Q3 2021 Snohomish and King County Rent Report

Property Management Blog
Is your rent market rate?  Are your tenants waiting around on a month-to-month lease waiting to see if rental prices will drop? At this point, we wouldn't bet on it. We've seen rental prices increase all year long.&nb... read more >>
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