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How to Make the Most of Your Real Estate Investment

When working with property owners, we often get this question, "How do I make the most return on my investment?" Part of being a real estate investor is making sure you are maximizing your rental income.  Setting up your rental property for success is part science and part art. It's critical to make sure you understand the market and make realistic decisions about your rent based on comparable units in your market. However, you can change the property's look and feel, which gives it an edge over your market competition.

  1. We look at local comparable rents from both public and private listings that to give us a complete view of the market.
  2. We fully consider all local economic factors such as employment and economic conditions.
  3. We recommend upgrades to amenities that will maximize your rental potential.
  4. We advise on the types of finishes on the home that will last multiple renters. 

Check out the video or give us a call at 425.438.3474 and we can help you assess whether you are maximizing your return on investment.