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Top Four Tenant Screening Factors

As a property management company, we strive to maximize the return on investment for the owners of the properties that we manage. Finding and retaining quality tenants is key to this process. We want to ensure that the tenants we find will be reliable, pay their rent on time, and treat the property as it were their own home. 

Finding quality tenants starts with screening. We have a multistep screening process that ensures only the most reliable tenants lease the properties we manage. While our process involves multiple screening factors, we find four elements to be the most important: 

  1. Verification of social security number. We want to know who precisely is applying to the property. Whether it be by accidental mistake or intended omission, applicants will make errors when giving their social security number. 
  2. Criminal background check. We do both local and national search to ensure we have a full screening of every applicant. 
  3. Overall Credit Score. The credit score helps us understand the applicant's financial reliability, and it helps us know if the applicant has a history of on-time rent payments. 
  4. Eviction Record. We talk to previous landlords and make sure the applicant does not have any evictions on their records. 

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