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What does a property management company do?

You might be considering hiring a property management company for your investment or rental property. Do you what tasks you'd like the property management company to take off your to-do list?  In this video, Angela talks ... read more >>

Rent Report: Q1 2021

Property Management Blog
Whether you are an investor/owner or a tenant, it's important to keep up with local trends when it comes to understanding fair rent so that you can make an informed decision about your home. The home sales market is experienci... read more >>

Mukilteo: From Woodsy Trails to Seaside Sunsets

Property Management Blog
Where can you go for a woodsy trail hike, eat a meal at a seaside restaurant and walk to see the sunset over Puget Sound all within a couple of miles? Mukilteo offers that and more. Mukilteo played a crucial role in the ... read more >>

The Number One Benefit of Property Management

When weighing the pros and cons of hiring a property management company, many people think about the obvious advantages like:The property management company understands local laws and regulations. The property management comp... read more >>

Controlling Repair Costs

As an owner of a rental property, how do you control your repair costs? Certainly, it helps to have a strong relationship with your contractors for plumbing, heating, yard care, and the like. If you use a property management compa... read more >>

What Are Placement Only Services

🕵️Find high-quality tenants without giving up day-to-day control of your property.🏘️ As professional property managers, we know that the most crucial part about getting the most out of an investment property is finding a... read more >>

All the Best Places to Go in Monroe

Property Management Blog
Monroe, Washington, sits at the crossroads of State Route 522 and US Route 2 and is the gateway for most travelers heading to destinations in and around the Steven Pass area of the Cascade Mountains. Monroe represents a place to g... read more >>

How to Make the Most of Your Real Estate Investment

When working with property owners, we often get this question, "How do I make the most return on my investment?" Part of being a real estate investor is making sure you are maximizing your rental income.  Setting up... read more >>

The Best of Mill Creek, WA

Property Management Blog
Mill Creek is a growing city of 20,000 residents sandwiched in-between Bothell on the south and Everett on the north. As it grows with new housing and commercial development, Mill Creek retains green spaces galore, with parks and ... read more >>
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